2. postersofberlin:

    Not Equal with Godflesh, AnD, Pharmakon, These Hidden Hands, Helena Hauff, Shapednoise, Bleaching Agent, Opium Hum at Berghain – found in Friedrichshain


  3. betype:

    Top Ten Blackletter Fonts 2013.

    Blackletter typefaces commonly known as Gothic letters,gothic script, old English or textura are typefaces used in the western Europe in the 17th Century. Nowadays we see a wide use of this kind of fonts on different types of media like posters, halloween theme stationary, videogames, etc.

    Here are 10 of the most modern (newly created) blackletter fonts of 2013. Click in the name of every letter to see the lovely crafts and details of this fonts:

    1. Wroxeter.
    2. Hans
    3. Liturgisch
    4. Berliner Fraktur
    5. Schwarz
    6. Gryffensee
    7. Cal Textura
    8. Cal Rotunda
    9. Merrivaux
    10. Selva

    If you want to check more fonts check it here: betype.co/fonts


  4. The scent of nothing. Helvetica Perfume
    That pretty much describes the opinion I have of Helvetica ;)


  5. Video about Letter Carving – and there’s more where that came from: danthoniadesigns.com


  6. typostrate:

    Friday Free Font 34

     Friday free font today is Biko with three font faces made by graphic designer ad visual artist Marco Ugolini. Biko is a geometric sans serif with a strong and yet friendly character and it’s perfect for display, copy text and logos. The name is a tribute to Steve Biko the South African anti-apartheid activist. Check it out in ttf.

    Download it here for free!

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    Love the uppercase J and B, the E and K are a bit unstable-looking, but they give the typeface a unique feel.


  7. designbymatt:

    Noah and the Whale Poster


    November 2013

    Prints Available

    I like what you did with the texture and the type, Matt! It ended up looking very awesome! :)

    (via cuteinternetboy)


  8. Seattle was awesome! Also because of its lovely neon signs at Pike Market and in Capitol Hill.


  9. While on our roadtrip down the US westcoast, my friends heard me say the following quite frequently: “Hey, I bought this because of the packaging!” We got to taste some interesting drinks this way ;)


  10. nevver:

    Happy National Punctuation Day

    Yes please! I cringe every time someone uses false punctuation.

    (Source: smartquotesforsmartpeople.com)