1. FIVE inspirational TED talks about design


  2. FIVE social media infographics


  3. FIVE useful USB stick designs

    Domino USB sticks that indicate the amount of storage used

    My favourite; The idea is so simple yet so effective. By dialog05

    Use as clothes peg or for data storage. By poor design

    The functionality of Swiss knives extended to the digital world, with up to 1 TB storage. Via Mashable

    Always handy: USB stick integrated in a carabiner. Via Gizmodo


  4. FIVE tiny artworks

    The following is a collection of projects in miniature scale by what I think must be very patient people with surgeon’s hands. All choose to work with unusual materials: Making buildings from the respective business cards, chairs from champagne corks, small people in public space, reshaping pencil tips, and recreating worlds in tiny bottles.


    Kub Armchair

    Small People

    Pencil Tip Sculptures

    Tiny World in a Bottle