1. Cover-artwork for the album “Joy Is The Only Treat” by pop-punk band “Client” from Germany, illustrated by Florian Schommer


  2. weandthecolor:

    Digitally Generated Compositions

    Nick Taylor has created a series of generative organic compositions.

    You can see all of the generative organic compositions on WATC.

    Find WATC on:
     I Twitter I Google+ I Pinterest I Flipboard I Instagram




  5. Useful article about getting pixel perfect icons from Illustrator by Janos Koos. If I had had this a year ago…
    My Vector Workflow


  6. heymarcello:

    Mal wieder auf der Suche nach einem schönen Farbkonzept? Die Website The Days Color stellt jeden Tag eine neue Farbkombination vor!

    A good alternative to color kuler: The Days Color


  7. Great idea for memorable merchandising, nicely designed and well-executed product, professionally filmed and post-produced.
    All around a successful, congenial appearance of a brand. Just my humble opinion.


  8. 2014 Logo Trends: Nicely critiqued and an entertaining read by Bill Gardner.
    Take this one for example (referring to the four logos at the bottom here):

    "Flat yes. Transparent yes. Animals yes. In one of the oddest clusters of kindred thinking, the desire to craft beast logos from very flat transparent layers has arrived. Appearing from seemingly diverse geographic sectors, these marks are created from a handful of geometric shapes and are executed with base simplicity. Though I’m absolutely positive I could rearrange these parts to make an inanimate subject, designers have a real fixation on animals here."


  9. uxidea:

    Marvel – Turn Dropbox images into prototypes

    For all you UX Design Nerds out there, check out Marvel to get some fast interactive prototyping done.

    I already use dropbox for quickly viewing the mockup I’m working on to check for text sizes etc. on the device screen. So I love how this tool integrates with dropbox and synchronizes changed files automatically and the easy sharing with clients and fellow team members. Good Stuff!


  10. postersofberlin:

    China Drifting – found in Friedrichshain

    So I have to admit it is quite neat when I see this post I sent off into the depths of the tumblr world a month ago – posted on my other blog Posters of Berlin – pop up on the dash of my personal blog when it has been reblogged by several tumblrs I follow here.
    Is there a less convoluted way to explain this?

    (via osasto)