2. postersofberlin:

    5. Arabisches Filmfestival Berlin – found in Friedrichshain

    I just watched Return to Homs at the Arabic Film Festival in Berlin, a documentary that follows a rebel group in Homs from 2011 to 2013. Those images will haunt me for a while to come!


  3. juliencoppola:

    Visually coherent way of wireframing.

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  4. That’s right, so I’m ditching the laptop and going for a run now!

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  5. corealiscreative:

    The Grand Budapest Hotel | Annie Atkins

    The new Wes Anderson flick has some stellar design work, the old classy feel of these pictures and items are direct reflection of those quirky little worlds that Anderson builds in his film making. Stoked about this design work and stoked about the new movie.

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  6. Origins of common UI Symbols
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  7. Rethinking the traditional button layout: Vice Versa diagonal UI by Michael Oh


  8. Paul giving his input to my iPad app design revisions. #officelife


  9. Slider variation sketches for an iPad app.


  10. Interesting questions posed by

    Fjord Trends 2014:

    In Conversation with Objects

    “New social conventions and etiquette will form around these connected objects. […] Right now, it’s acceptable to look at your watch to check the time, but if messages, alerts, and payments are flowing through your wristband, will that change the meaning of a quick glance at your wrist in a social setting?”

    “Think through the contextual reality of conversations with objects, whether by voice, gesture, tap, or vibration. How will other humans around your target audience respond to the interaction?”